HP – Gaming Keyboard

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is HP-KM100-1024x768.jpgKM 100
– Elegant and minimalist design
– Water-proof design protect your keyboard, high quality of membrane switch
– Ergonomic design keyboard, key life up to 8 million clicks
– Control your game: Instantly switch between two DPI sensitivity setting for more pinpoint accuracy.
– 8 replaceable keys on keyboard is in-play.
– Color awareness : Mouse logo with back-lighting
– Slip play all day: Oil-coated surface has promotes all-day comfort
– Adjustable type foot to adjust keyboard angle and height help your wrist under more comfortable position.
– Quiet and comfortable keys create a quite game and entertainment environment in use.
– Full-size keyboard provides increased productivity and accuracy.
– Standard one-year limited warranty from date of purchase.
KM 300F
– Wired Gaming Combo
– Colourful Backlight and Logo lighting, rust and scratch-resistant
– Size:440.00(L) * 135.00 (W) * 35.17(H) mm
– Gaming Mouse with Logo lighting
– 5 key + DPI * Stylish design with an integrated metal panel, rust and scratch-resistant
– Thick keyboard with responsive keys.
– Special LED backlight highlights its elegant looks and functionality
– The humanization design of Fn keys provides a series of commonly used shortcut function keys.
– 6-speed DPI is optional and the mouse movement speed can be adjustable.
– The tail of the mouse is cool and with a colourful LED, and the corresponding gear colour flashes when the DPl is adjusted.
– HP standard one-year limited warranty from date of purchase.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is GK100-1024x768.jpgGK 100
– Aluminum bezel is scratch-resistant and durable.
– Highly durable, double shot injection molding keycaps.
– Enjoy typing all day: With a thick keyboard with responsive keys.
– Built to last: Gaming buttons rated at up to 50 million clicks.
– Multi-color keys for gaming customization.
– Supporting 6/N anti-ghost key.
– Keyboard goes into sleep mode after 10 minutes. Press any key to wake up.
– User-friendly design with a set of shortcut function keys.
– Keycaps can be easily removed and replaced by user.
– Strict adherence to HP standards and guidelines optimize for long-lasting quality.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is GK400f-_wo_logo-1.jpgGK 400F
– Stylish design with integrated Metal Panel, Rust, and Scratch Resistant.
– 6 or All Anti-Ghosting Keys setting.
– Breathing Backlight and HP Logo lighting
– Mechanical blue switches with Up to 50 million pressing lifespan
– Double injected keycap, ensure maximum durability and with Tactile feel.
– Intelligent sleep mode: backlight function turns off when PC goes to sleep.
– Backlit keycaps with rainbow color back-lighting effects.
– HP standard one-year Limited warranty from date of purchase
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gk400y_003-1024x768.jpgGK 400Y
– Wired mechanical keyboard Typewriter-like round keycap Blue axis specification
– Uses a metal frame that is resistant to rust and scratches
– Equipped with RGB backlight Durable key press up to 50 million times
– Body dimensions: 435 (L) x 125 (W) x 35.47 (H) mm